No. 19 Announcement from State Administration for Market Regulation
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Announcement of State Administration for Market Regulation on the implementation requirements of automobile brake lining products from production license to compulsory product certification management
Number 19, 2020
According to(State Council 19), the State Administration for Market Regulation has changed the management of automotive brake lining products from production license to compulsory certification (CCC certification). In order to ensure the implementation of CCC certification and orderly work connection, the relevant requirements are hereby announced as follows:  
1.Certification implementation
As of June 1, 2020, automotives brake lining is included in the scope of CCC certification management, and each designated certification body shall start to accept the application of certification (the list of certification bodies, laboratories and implementation rules of certification will be announcement separately). The market supervision bureaus shall stop accepting applications for relevant production license and terminate the administrative licensing procedures that have been accepted according to regulation. 
As of June 1, 2021, no automobile brake lining products shall be allowed to leave the factory, be sold, be imported or be used in other business activities without obtaining the compulsory certification certificate and without marking the compulsory certification mark. 
2. The connection between CCC certification and production license management 
Before June 1, 2021, automotive brake lining produced by domestic enterprises shall be delivered out of the factory, sold or used in other business activities with valid production license or CCC certification.
For enterprises that have obtained the production license, if the above products do not continue to produce after June 1, 2021(inclusive), there is no deed to apply for CCC certification; Otherwise, the certification commission shall be submitted as soon as possible and the CCC certification shall be obtained before 1st of June, 2021.
Certification application submitted by enterprises who held a valid production license certification, specified certification bodies should assume corresponding review and test results, formulate related transformation scheme (including difference testing projects, additional factory inspection, etc) and implement, renew CCC certificate for products that meet certification requirements, meanwhile, the list of approved enterprises shall be notified to the provincial market supervision department where the enterprise is located. The cost of certification and testing happened in the process of certificate conversion shall be borne by the financial department.
The marker supervision departments at the provincial shall go through the formalities of cancelling the production license in time according to the notification of certification body and the expiration of the production license. On June 1, 2021, the State Administration for Market Regulation and provincial market regulatory departments cancelled all valid production licenses that had not been converted.