New GB implemented in 2020
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New GB implemented in 2020:
a.GB 38262-2019 Flammability of interior materials for buses,implementation date 2020-07-01;
b.GB 18296-2019 Safety property requirements and test methods for automobile fuel tank and its installation, implementation date 2020-07-01;
c.GB 15083-2019 Strength requirement and test method of automobile seats, their anchorages and any head restraints, implementation date 2020-07-01;
d.GB 23255-2019 Photometric characteristics of daytime running lamps for power driven vehicles, implementation date 2020-01-01; 
e.GB 5920-2019 Photometric characteristics of front and rear position lamps, end-outline marker lamps and stop lamps for motor vehicles and their trailers, implementation date 2020-01-01;
f.GB 4343.1-2018 Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for household appliances, Electric tools and similar apparatus—Part 1: Emission, implementation date 2020-06-01;  
g.GB 15742-2019 Performance requirements and test methods of horn for motor vehicles,  implementation date 2020-01-01