CCC Certification reformation and related policies of Self declaration
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The points emphasized:
1.For enterprises: 
a.The change is certification mode, while requirements of product quality safety are not changed.
b.The cost and time is going down, while requirements of enterprises’ quality management capacity are higher than before.
c.Enterprises shall: perform internal quality control, and establish factory quality assurance system; opt the appropriate conformity assessment method to evaluate conformity of products; create technical documentation and save ten years; complete self declaration and apply CCC logo; update self declaration base on revisions. 

2.For authorized representative:
a.The authorized representative is a legally registered enterprise in China who is authorized by the overseas producer (manufacturer) in writing to make self-declaration system declaration on behalf of the overseas producer, assume quality responsibility for product safety together with the overseas producer, and cooperate with the market supervision department for post-market supervision. 
b.Designated signatory: directly responsible for self declaration as designated in writing by the producer or authorized representative.

3.For supervision department: supervision measures will be the same as before.
b.To supervise the certification activities of self declaration, producer, authorized representative. 
c.To share self declaration information with customs. 
d.To improve the system functions and strengthen the statistical analysis of producers and authorized representatives